The Brand

Emmanuel Bouchet, revolutionising haute horology.

A highly caveated, cutting edge fusion of unlimited creativity, traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde innovation, Emmanuel Bouchet timepieces are spectacular. A high horology, Swiss watch brand that combines expert craftsmanship, technical brilliance and an innovative approach to representing time.

Born into watchmaking, Emmanuel Bouchet is one of the greatest elite watchmakers in the world, having produced timepieces for the world’s most prestigious watch brands.

Emmanuel Bouchet’s abilities were such that the world’s most respected watchmakers have worked with him over the last twenty years; these opportunities allowed him the freedom to finesse ideas and experiment with the confines of his craft. Bouchet’s brilliance saw no bounds – his creativity astonished the industry as he produced innovation after innovation with incredible horological complications. Bouchet co-founded Centagora, which became synonymous with expert technology and industrial brilliance.

His ingenuity astonished the industry as he crafted innovation after innovation with incredible horological complications. Emmanuel’s most recent accolade was his creation of the legendary Opus 12 for Harry Winston, a pioneering and much revered piece.

Emmanuel Bouchet’s brand launch piece, Complication One, carves a new benchmark in high complication watchmaking; the complication in this piece is like no other, unique in concept and astonishing in craftsmanship.

Complication One, epitomises the Emmanuel Bouchet brand, showcasing the exclusive vision and ingeniously reshaping mechanical horology with a flawless balance of luxurious materials, traditional watchmaking techniques and modern architecture.

Emmanuel Bouchet presents, a D.N.A, steeped in expertise, weaving world-class vision with an opulent tapestry of impeccable style, and a fearless desire to captivate and excite.